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> Applicants who have no prior knowledge of Mandarin will be required to sit for a placement test to determine the right level of entry for the programme


> To apply, please fill in a copy of the

Registration Form to us or email to jeremiahsoh@shhkca.com.sg 


Elementary I

Students who have no basic knowledge of Mandarin.


Elementary II & above

Students who have attained some basic knowledge of the language but like to develop greater confidence and fluency in it.

> 11 weeks per module

> Mondays to Fridays, 9.00 am to 1.00 pm


Elementary I

> Grasp basic grammar rules to obtain simple daily conversation skills

> Read and write 500 Chinese characters


Elementary II

> Introduce more grammar rules and enhance students' conversational skills

> Read and write 1000 Chinese characters

> Introduction to Chinese text


Intermediate I

> Read prose, articles, short stories and Chinese newspapers

> Introduction to Chinese proverbs, set phrases and idioms


Intermediate II

> Improve students' listening skills through exposure to new items, advertisments, short plays and fables

> Strengthen listening and reading comprehension skills

> Learn vocabulary and language skills to do business in/with China


Advanced I 

> Read and listen to materials on both local and international affairs

> Introduce basic economics terms

> Converse on topics such as finance, capitalization, investment and the macro economy


Advanced II 

> Further develop students' listening and writing skills through further readings, including news items, advertisments, short plays and fables

> Explore topics related to Chinese history and culture

> Students are required to sit for a proficiency test at the end of each module to assess their progress

> Students who have attained at least 75% attendance and passed the proficiency test will be awarded a Certificate of Proficiency by the National University of Singapore

Course fees         : S$3,800.00* per module

Materials fees    : S$100.00* per module

Application fees: S$150.00*


*Prevailing GST is applicable.

Intensive Mandarin Programme 


Programme Structure & Outline

Who should attend?

Programme Duration

Upcoming Term, 2017


Fees Payable

Assessment & Certificate



How to apply?

This programme caters to all adult learners who wish to either learn the language or improve their fluency in it.


Our lessons are structured and designed to suit different levels of learners, allowing students to gain conversational, reading and writing skills relevant to a variety of social contexts. Students will also be introduced to a wide range of topics in culture, history and society to give them a well-rounded knowledge of the Chinese-speaking world.


Our lecturers are highly qualified and experienced in teaching Chinese language.



Course Description:


This course is designed to teach students the basics of Chinese language which include basic grammatical concepts, text reading and conversation skills.

Course Content:

Students will be engaging in tasks to achieve the following communicative functions:

1. Greetings

2. Introducing myself

3. Nationality

4. Job

5. Age

6. Personality

7. Home address

8. Family

9. Time

10. Friends


For more information, please call 6589-9500 or email: jeremiahsoh@shhkca.com.sg