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Singapore Hokkien Huay Kuan set up the Arts & Cultural Troupe in 1986 to promote Chinese Cultural Arts.


In 1987, the Arts & Cultural Troupe started Singapore’s pioneer Mandarin “Children Speech & Drama” class. The Speech & Drama class was both educational and fun, with enriching course content and a lively teaching style. The students showed great enthusiasm for the course, and had great progress in learning. The course received extensive coverage from the press and media and, with glowing testimonials from the students’ parents, our program grew.


In recent years, the Arts & Cultural Troupe has brought and promoted her courses to kindergartens and schools. In the kindergartens, the Arts & Cultural Troupe has introduced Speech & Drama, Calligraphy and Wushu to encourage and expose the young to the rich cultural heritage of the Chinese language.

Language Courses


Fun Chinese                                                                                               (N1-K1)

Preschool Chinese                                                                                   (K2)

Chinese Enrichment (Foundation)                                                      (P1)

Chinese Enrichment (Consolidation)                                                 (P2-P6)

Chinese Show & Tell                                                                                (P1)

Chinese Creative Writing for Pri Sch                                                 (P2-P6)

Chinese Creative Writing for Sec Sch                                               (S3-S4)

Chinese Comprehension & Writing for Sec Sch                             (S1-S2)

Live Chinese                                                                                              (P3-P5)


Skill Courses


Twinkle Tots                                                                           (N1 & Parent)

Cherry Tots                                                                             (N2)

Speech & Drama                                                                    (K1-P5)

Broadcasting                                                                          (P1 & above)

Calligraphy & Chinese Painting                                        (P1 & above/Parent)

Kiddy Art                                                                                 (K1 & above)

Zumba                                                                                      (Parents)





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